Vacation, Relaxation, and Meditation

Oh goodness. Hello there! It's been a long day without you, my friend! This summer has been pretty freaking awesome! Not only did I enjoy two months of blissfully lazy days with nothing to do, but I traveled to far away places, both literally when I took several different trips to Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, … Continue reading Vacation, Relaxation, and Meditation


Gift Exchange, Secret Santa, and Christmas Parties Galore

I adore everything about Christmas. This year I got even more into the holiday spirit after we got a tree for the first time in about eight years! I also got my first "real" job a few months ago, so I actually have money to spend on dumb but thoughtful gifts for all of my … Continue reading Gift Exchange, Secret Santa, and Christmas Parties Galore

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I live in the wonderfully scorching place commonly known as The South. The natives of this grossly underrated paradise are well known to wear shorts and tank tops to Christmas parties, but to the surprise--horror and happiness--of all, it snowed on Friday. If you can imagine a giant herd of Republican Elephants galloping around a snow-covered … Continue reading Walking in a Winter Wonderland